What We Do

Ablaze Pharma is a clinical stage Biopharmaceutical Company that is focused on developing Targeted Radiotherapy (TRT) to benefit cancer patients in China. We leverage our founders' extensive business experience and network in cross-border product development and deal making to bring innovative TRT products to China's market. We strive to become the leader and the partner of choice in the emerging TRT market in China by working together with our strategic business partners in both China and abroad.
Our goals keep inspiring us to explore in sciences and technologies, for breakthroughs in innovations so as to change patients' lives. We are devoted to make the world a better place by saving lives and creating a sustainable and healthy future for human and generations to come.


To Create Innovative and Accessible Targeted Radiotherapeutic Products for Patients in China.


Leading the Targeted Radiotherapy Landscape in China.


Innovation, Synergy, Integrity, Respect

Management Team

Board of Directors